Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finally February

Words cannot express how happy I am that it is finally the second month of the year. It's only been three days, but the weather's already been better than all of January (or as my friend Kelly calls it - "the Monday of the year") combined.

I just wanted to give a quick update on what's been going on (which is admittedly not much, because again, January) but I did get to have some fun:

I finally got to attend a game in the Marriott Center again. I loved watching the games with my dad over break, but nothing beats hanging out in the ROC with these lovely ladies. 
Sundance 2013! I didn't make it up to Park City this year (sorry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We'll meet someday, I promise), but I got to ride the train up to Ogden to see Austenland! It was my first time on the Frontrunner, and I have to say I'm a big fan. It's pretty cheap and gets you there just as fast as driving. I'll definitely be utilizing it in the future - City Creek trip, anyone?
Up in Ogden, we only had three tickets and went through the most stressful/complicated process to get an extra ticket for the fourth member of our party. (It involved me getting cozy with the sound director and making deals with middle-aged ladies and Weber State students. A story for another time, but let me just say that I am getting very good at learning to not take no for an answer!) BUT it was all worth it, because Austenland was a great movie - super funny and charming - and we got a picture with author/producer Shannon Hale at the after party! She's just adorable and I absolutely love her books, so I was pretty excited to meet her!
I also went up to SLC with Whitney to see The Spectacular Now, an incredible movie about teenage love and addiction that depicts adolescence in a real and honest way. I'll definitely be seeing it again when it comes out in theater. But let me just say that after this and The Descendants, I take back every negative thing I ever said about Shailene Woodley. Girl's amazing - she just needs to get off that horrible TV show.
Yesterday I embraced my domestic side and hosted a Groundhog Day party. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to watch one of my favorite movies with friends, but I found these recipes on Pinterest and thought I'd try them out. They were really simple and I thought they turned out super cute!
No-bake cookies and Almond Joys. Easy peasy. 

Of course, there was also the series finale of 30 Rock. I could write a whole eulogy about this show, but I think the show itself puts it best:

Thank you, 30 Rock, for making me laugh for seven wonderful years. Especially you, Liz Lemon. Someday I hope to have a great relationship like the one between you and Jack. You taught me that I should never settle for less than the best, that I should never give up on my dreams, and that all humanity is united by the sandwich. You made me want to go to there, wherever "there" happens to be. I will never forget you, Rural Juror. Goodbye.

Things I'm looking forward to in February:
  • Ed Sheeran concert!
  • The Oscars
  • Celebrating Valentine's Day with Netflix and sushi
  • Vegas for President's Day weekend
Also, I just wanted to include a quick plug about the BYU Fashion Show coming up this Saturday. My good friends Kailee, Monika, and Melanie are all designing for it, and their stuff is AMAZING. These girls are so talented; it honestly makes me a little jealous! You'll definitely want to check out their designs; they're pretty incredible. And there'll be a real runway and everything!