Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm going to New York!

Ya can't get rid of me so easily!
After months of agonizing over my future, I can finally say what I'll be doing this spring (thus delaying the future-agonizing a couple of months). I've accepted an internship with Goodman Media International in NYC and I am so excited!! I've felt for a while that I needed to go to New York for some reason. Now it is finally happening. In a future post I'll list all the things I'm looking forward to. But mostly I'm just excited to work for an awesome agency in one of the best cities in the world.

Other things that have happened lately...Oh. I was asked to speak at graduation?!? Still not sure what that's all about. I'm flattered obviously, but also very confused as to why I (not the best public speaker in the world) was chosen. People are telling me its because I've basically done everything in the program that one could do, which I guess is true. But it's super stressful because I have to speak for the entire Comms graduating class on how awesome our time here was. No pressure or anything.

That's about it for now. Still just plugging along in school. Although it's really hard to concentrate on anything now that I know I'll be going here in just over a month:

I'll be here soon enough.
PS: Who else is stoked about the Veronica Mars movie!?! I'm sooo excited. I literally couldn't talk about anything else the day it was announced. VMars is probably one of my all-time favorite TV shows and definitely didn't have time to wrap up in a satisfying way, and now it will. Logan and Veronica better end up together though. You have been warned, Rob Thomas. You have been warned.

Everyone go and donate if you haven't yet! Extra money means extra tiny-blonde sass!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On being obsessed with YouTube

So today I had like three people tell me (in person) that they actually read this blog. Which is nice and validating, but it also reminded me that I haven't posted in forever. I did get a Tumblr account though! Probably a bad decision, but if you ever want further insight into my weird mind, go ahead and check it out. You've been warned.

I wish I had more to report, but mostly this semester's just been the usual--busy, busy, busy. There were a few notable things though:

My last BYU basketball home game. I managed to get second row seats by being sneaky (which I felt a little bad about but not really) and even though we lost, I still teared up. BYU basketball's been a huge part of my life the past four years and I'm so glad I got to go to most of the games. There's nothing like the Marriott Center during a high-stakes conference game. Especially during Jimmermania.

Last week I attended the Matt and Kim/Passion Pit concert with Hillary and Cori. It was so much fun (especially watching Hillary completely fangirl). Also, it's so nice to be 21 and go into the 21 and older sections now. So much more chill and enjoyable.

I GOT MY CAP AND GOWN!! This means I'm officially graduating or something. Still feels unreal. 

That's about it for now. I hope to have some more exciting news soon! (Ooh cryptic...)

But for now let's talk about my latest obsession: YouTube! And I'm not just talking about awesome goat remixes and Harlem Shake videos here.  I'm talking about full-on web series and vlog channels that are professionally produced. I know I'm way late on the bandwagon here, but they are just so addicting! They're short, so you feel more justified in watching them. (Of course until you've gone through like 50 episodes and your day is shot.) They're usually pretty high quality, clever, and just really enjoyable. Technology has really changed how we view things, and I wouldn't be surprised if web series soon become a part of the mainstream, being nominated for Emmys and whatnot. (The new Arrested Development, possibly?)

Here are some of my favorites. Say goodbye to your next few days. You're welcome :)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

A modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries follows Lizzie, a 24-year-old grad student, as she vlogs about her family, friends, and the incorrigible Mr. Darcy. In addition to being hilarious and filled with great actors, this series is one of the most clever adaptations I've seen. They really have time to delve deep into each character and as such, characters such as Lydia and Georgiana, who don't have much of a role in the book, become some of my favorites. Mary Kate Wiles, who plays Lydia, is one of the breakout stars of the series and is someone who will be going places. And the hipster William Darcy is very attractive. Even though you don't see him until episode 60 (but it's very worth the wait).

Another thing I love about this series is that in addition to the basic videos, there are also spinoffs and transmedia elements that give more layers to the story. Each of the characters have Twitter accounts, for example, and The Lydia Bennet series really has an amazing and heartbreaking arc that delves deep into the character and her relationship with Wickham.

Here's one of my favorite episodes that gives a good taste of the humor and modern feel. (Also, this one's probably the worst in terms of suggestive content and language. It's pretty clean throughout the series. Although I'm not sure what that says about me since this is one of my favorites...hmm)


I just discovered Grace Helbig's videos, and they have kept me up for far longer than I care to admit. This girl is hilarious, and she's been vlogging for four years strong. She's got a good system in place now at this point, and pretty much every video is guaranteed to be hilarious. If you REALLY want to waste time, check these out.


I saw that Mary Kate Wiles was in another series, so I had to check it out. It's called Squaresville, a show about two girls trying to navigate life in their boring town. It's quirky and a little strange, but I really enjoyed the first season. Season 2 was just released, and I think I like it even better. Check it:

There are many more awesome web series out there (the VlogBrothers can do no wrong, for instance), but these are the ones I've been obsessing over lately. Do you guys know of any cool web series that I should check out?

Thanks, bye!