Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finding Joy in the Dreary

New York City received more than 10 inches of snow in the last two weeks. I'm seriously ready to pack my bags and move permanently to Hawaii. However, there are a few perks to sticking it out in NYC for the winter. Here's a few bright spots so far in this dark and dreary winter:

I took a tour of Time Warner Cable Studios, where I got some free swag and sat on the Iron Throne.

Spoiler alert.

Saw The Glass Menagerie, which was an absolutely heartbreaking experience. The four performers were incredible and intense and gave me chills. Oh, and Mia and I took a selfie with Zachary Quinto.

He took this himself. He also apparently has the blood of a reptile; no gloves and an insufficient hat. 

I went ice skating for the first time in like three years and didn't fall down once. 2018 Olympics, here I come.

Taking a picture on ice is never advisable. 

Brittany convinced me to camp out with her at 2:30 in the morning for Saturday Night Live. It was freezing cold and I ended up with a minor flu, but it was so worth it. We somehow ended up in the front-middle of the balcony for Seth Meyers' last show (well, last dress rehearsal) and Amy Poehler waved at me. What's a measly flu next to that?

Numbers 59 and 60 in the standby line. Thanks again, no-shows.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, I dragged my coworker Amber to The Book of Mormon lottery with me and she got called right away. Figures. Anyway, I loved it. It was a hilarious mix of both naughty and nice, and I honestly loved the overall message (hint: it's not about bashing religion. Too much).  There were so many jokes that I was dying at while other people in the theater seemed confused. Trey and Matt really know the minutiae of Mormon culture (yes, most of it is ridiculous and ripe for satire). And the great.

Mia discovered this play called The Woodsman and we went and watched it Friday night. It's a short, silent play about how the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz came to be. It incorporates puppetry and miming, and it was absolutely beautiful and stunning. If you're in New York right now I highly recommend it.

Amanda Adele Lederer, Carol Uraneck, Eliza Simpson in THE WOODSMAN at 59E59 Theaters.

Yeah, that's a lot of shows. But I'll let you in on a little secret - winter is the best time to see them. Not only is it a great activity to do indoors, but there also aren't as many tourists so prices are usually lower (or it's easier to win lottery).

So that's been my winter 2014 so far. Also, whenever I feel like complaining, I just remember #SochiProblems. At least I don't have to deal with dangerous face water or stray dogs in my room.

Ciao for now.