Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is the month over yet?

Just realized I haven't posted in January yet! Probably because I hate this month so much. It's cold, gray, and depressing. But there have been some good things:

Some wonderful people have finally come back into my life and decided to also called NYC their home. I'm so excited to have Katrina, Mia, and Alex here now. Love these girls.

Mia's new butterfly apartment. 

I swear Alex is really happy to be here. 

While going back to full-day work weeks (and professional dress) has been stressful, it's actually been good to get back into the swing of things and I've started off the year with a few nice hits. Here's a fun segment I secured for the annual Squash Tournament of Champions held at Grand Central Terminal.

This picture.

I've been participating in the 28 Days of Fat Burn challenge with my health coach and team, and they've been a huge motivator in kicking off my diet for this new year. I'm now down to 220 pounds, a good 45 pounds down from the summer. Plus, I discovered a delicious new healthy recipe that was an answer to all my peanut butter prayers.

Community is back and better than ever. That last episode especially...


Oscar nominations. I still need to see a couple movies but I'm pretty happy with the choices this year. (12 Years a Slave needs to win all the things though.)

That's about it. Right now I have my happy lamp on while listening to my summer playlist. I hear there's another polar vortex coming. I'd rather not.

See you in February--a month not much better than January, but at least it has the decency to be short. Plus there's Groundhog Day.