Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being Friends with a Sister Missionary

*Dedicated my girls Shirley, Hollie, and Kristen. Welcome home.*

When your good friend tells you she's putting in her papers

She could get her call to Salt Lake City, but to you it might as well be...

When you say goodbye

When you get an actual letter from her in the mail

But then you only remember to write back once during her whole mission

Hearing stories about her crazy companions and investigators... well as all the lives she's changing

When you try to describe what's going on in your own life...

...while omitting some details to not worry or distract her

When she tries to convince you to go on a mission as well

When she finally gets home

Even though you now live far away...'s now your job to help reintegrate her into society

First things first: the mission clothes have got to go

Credit to for this one

Reassuring her about the dating pool

And even though you'll be hearing nothing but mission stories for the next two years...'re just so happy that she's finally back and so proud of all she's accomplished.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


It's starting to warm up here in New York City (well, except for on Tuesdays and Thursdays). That's just one of the things that made me happy this week, which was a doozy. For some reason all the things decided to happen in a week-long span. Here's what happened:

Monday: Serendipitously spotting the Veronica Mars cast while going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel (the wonderful new Wes Anderson flick). I may have screamed like a fangirl upon spotting Jason Dohring. I'm not ashamed. 

Tuesday: Lorde concert with Mia and Brittany. Highlights - spotting a stepping stool so Mia could see the action and Lorde's awkward dance moves. And that golden cape. 

Wednesday: Kat and Lauren and I rocked out to Ellie Goulding. Seriously tho, my girl Ellie can do no wrong. Singing, dancing, playing the drums AND guitar, being British...leave some talents for the rest of us, thanks.

Thursday: Dad came to NYC for work and stopped by to treat me to dinner. Love it when I get to see him! And he only teased me about my messy room once. 
Friday: Finally!! It happened!! I essentially paid $65 to help make this movie happen and it was worth every penny. The sass, the noir, the perfect father-daughter relationship, the LoVe - it's all there like it never left. I've seen it twice now (thanks, "free" download!) and it's even better the second time. Proud to be a marshmallow. 
Saturday: Idina Menzel is just perfect and her new musical is a delight. Same can be said for my NYC bffs. Thanks for helping make this week, as well as my 2014 in general, so awesome. (PS, Mia is now the newest NBC PAGE!! So, so proud of her. Watch out, 30 Rock.)

Sunday: Sleep. Precious, precious sleep.
Next week I'm taking it easy until Florida. Maybe there I'll be better at this blogging thing.