Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Update

Hey guys! It's been kind of a crazy weekend. Here's what's up.

Thursday marks the day that the greatest basketball player to ever play for BYU, Jimmer Fredette, played the last game of his college career. In a heartbreaking overtime loss to Florida, we all said goodbye to the most exciting player to step on a court this year. It wasn't his finest game, but that of course won't make us forget what a magical season this has been. A regular season championship, a run to the MWC finals, the first Sweet 16 appearance in 30 years, the most BYU games ever won, tons of shooting records broken, and an all-time leading scoring stat is what Jimmer can say he contributed to this year. Looking forward to seeing you rock the NBA, Jimmer. And you too, Jax :)

Here's just a small tribute to how epic this season has been:

ESPN - College Hoops was better with Jimmer

Epic Jimmer Facebook Thread

 So that's that. I'll be cheering him on in a week when he wins NPOY :)

Friday, BYU had the honor of hearing from the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg! Senator Hatch was sufficiently awkward enough to make the Zuck seem cool, haha. I couldn't help compare him to Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal, of course, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Zuckerberg made sure to state his gratitude for his team and seemed humbled to be speaking in front of such a large audience (the first time he's spoken to a college!) He's also doing a lot of good for the world, stressing the importance of innovation as well as putting a lot of time into his nonprofit organization that focuses on improving education.

Mark Zuckerberg and Senator Hatch

Today was the Festival of Colors celebration! It was my first time going and it was SO much fun! Basically it's a big Hindu festival where people throw colored chalk at each other. There was dancing by the Hindu temple and shops and even llamas! I definitely want to go next year.

Me, Kelly, and Christine

Also, only at a DI in Provo would you find this gem of a board game:

Yep... I didn't buy it, even though I was tempted to. Oh, Utah. 

Will you reach the sunny celestial kingdom? Or will you be stuck as a telestial star??
P.S. I got my passport today! I'm officially able to travel the world this summer! Woohoo!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

Tomorrow begins every sports fan's favorite time of the year - Jimmertime! Haha. Or March Madness... either one :)

All I have to say is, it's a bad thing to have as many projects due in school as I do the next couple of weeks... they will be of poor quality, I'm sure. I'm participating in about 6 different bracket pools. I only have one set of picks, though, which makes it more fun, in my opinion. I have Notre Dame as the ultimate champion, in case you were wondering. None of this Ohio State nonsense.

But let's talk about what really matters. BYU. I only have the courage to put them in the Elite Eight, but by far this has been the best year of Cougar basketball I've ever experienced. To think, when NPOY Jimmer is a big NBA star, I will have bragging rights to say that I went to most of his games in person. Pretty dang cool, in my humble opinion. It was sad yesterday at work to think that I may not see Jimmer and Jackson walk through those doors again. But I have confidence I'll see them there next week :)

Here are some pictures and a video of the team on their farewell before the MWC tournament. Dressed snazzy, these boys. But who cares, I still love them anyway.

My boys

Is that Jimmer on the cover of Sports Illustrated? Why yes, yes it is.

Articles to read:
Preview of the BYU/Wofford game 
Best/Worst Case Scenarios of each team. BYU's is by far the funniest. 

Friday, March 4, 2011


This week has been INSANE. Between school, work, trying to find housing for next year, doing all my assignments for PR, making sure my money situation's all right, and being depressed about basketball, I've barely had any time to breathe. But it's the weekend now, and I'm gonna have some fun :) I'm seeing Beastly tonight (haha I know... just going for a good time) and I'm going to see BYU whoop Wyoming tomorrow. It's so sad that this is the last game I'll see at the Marriott Center with Jimmer and Jax... Here's a little tribute to them and their amazing-ness:

Oscar talk: So I think I did pretty good in my predictions! I got a little more than half of them right, but most of the ones I missed I kind of knew I'd miss. I still concede that David Fincher and Inception's screenplay were robbed, though. And who even knew that The Social Network had a score?? Kidding... kind of.

As for the hosts, I was actually pleasantly surprised by Anne Hathaway. She definitely gave it everything she had. And James Franco was stoned out of his mind, but his job was to stand there and look amazing, which he did quite well. And I loved the video at the beginning. And Halle Berry's dress. I want it.

Dang I am just full of videos today. Not much else is going on, but I thought I'd start a new segment: What I'm Watching on Netflix. I recently finished season 2 of Parks and Recreation (which if you still have not seen, please rectify that immediately. Even if you didn't really care for season 1. It's a million times better. Ron Swanson is such a man.) Now I am watching the first season of Drop Dead Diva, a cute and witty comedy about a model who is transported into a fat girl's body when she dies. The show really resonates with me and has really good insights about the way society treats larger women. It's Freaky Friday meets Legally Blonde. You should check it out.