Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, a whole week of college has come and gone. Not too sure what to think of it all yet. My classes seem like a lot of work, but my Honors English class and my Comms 101 class seem like they'll be really enjoyable. Too early to tell, though. I did get a job, which I'm really happy about. It's at the University Press Building, and my job is to put paper in a paper-folding machine. It's actually pretty fun.

My roommate is Kailee; she's from Kaysville, Utah, along with two other of my roommates, Hollie and Brooke. Then there is Christine from California and Kelly from Texas (where I used to live!) They are all incredibly fun and super nice.

(haha so I stole this pic from Kailee, my roomie. Anyways, it's my roomies; Kailee, Brooke, Christine, Kelly, Hollie, and me)

So things are pretty good, I guess. I just need to meet more people and get more involved. I'll keep you updated on all the interesting things that happen around here. Ciao.

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