Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here you go Kailee :)

My lovely roomie Kailee complained that I haven't updated my blog in a while... and she's right. I've been wayyy busy. Midterms just ended and they were pretty darn stressful, although I did pretty good on them (except for freaking Physical Science. Dang you!)

Anyways, not too much has happened since last time... Oh wait. I turned 18! Finally legal haha. My birthday was fun, I went up to my aunt's house and celebrated there. My other aunt that I haven't seen in a long time came as well and it was nice to see her. But other than that, just work, school, studying, and listening to my roommates drama (I really do love you guys ;) has been my life. Oh, and getting VERY little sleep. But alas, such is the life of a college student.

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  1. YESSSSS!!!! YOu posted!!! My day has been made. thanks for the most uplifting blog post of my life. I loooove your drama :D and you! :) Oh, and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  2. It's people like you that give me my inspiration :) Lova ya too!