Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Future Freaks Me Out

Wow sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've either been super busy or nothing much has happened. You choose. :)

I still haven't heard about the RA position for next year, so I decided to sign up for housing until I find out. I'm really happy with what I found; it has a spacious private room, washer/dryer, and is only a block to campus. It's a relatively cheap price too.

I'm also busy looking for a summer job. I've applied to like 10 places already, but nothing spectacular has come up. What I really want is a nice 40 hr/wk job that pays at least $9/hr. My goal is to make at least $4000 this summer. (To pay for that stupid housing I hoped I wouldn't have to.) So if anyone knows of any good jobs, PLEASE let me know! I can do cooking, cleaning, nannying, office work, whatever. And I is a fast learner.

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