Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goals for the summatime

I'm finally home! It was really sad to leave all my friends and life in Utah, but it is good to be back in the Nasti Nati. Besides, I'll see all those people again, so it's not like saying goodbye forever right? (Because, as you all know, I couldn't get housing for next year so I'll be bumming off other people's apartments. hahaha).

So I have this summer to look forward to, and I don't plan on wasting any minute of it. Well, maybe a few minutes of it. But only just a few, and then it gets real.

Here are my goals for the next four months. I'll let you know how I'm doing on them periodically.

1. Save enough money to pay for rent for the whole next year. This of course, means I'll have to find a job, but that should be no big deal, right. Right?

2. Exercise an hour every day and get in better shape. This one will be a toughie, but it's necessary.

3. Finish (and start) my American Heritage independent study course. Ugh.

4. Apply for scholarships. Then get scholarships.

5. Work on the Communcations application. So I can fulfill my dreamz.

and last but not least,

6. Have some fun. I need to learn to balance all my hard work with some adventure. Hopefully my friends (if I have those) will help me out with this one.

oh yeah, one more

7. Get tan. See #2.

Hopefully I can accomplish all these. Keep me motivated!

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