Friday, March 4, 2011


This week has been INSANE. Between school, work, trying to find housing for next year, doing all my assignments for PR, making sure my money situation's all right, and being depressed about basketball, I've barely had any time to breathe. But it's the weekend now, and I'm gonna have some fun :) I'm seeing Beastly tonight (haha I know... just going for a good time) and I'm going to see BYU whoop Wyoming tomorrow. It's so sad that this is the last game I'll see at the Marriott Center with Jimmer and Jax... Here's a little tribute to them and their amazing-ness:

Oscar talk: So I think I did pretty good in my predictions! I got a little more than half of them right, but most of the ones I missed I kind of knew I'd miss. I still concede that David Fincher and Inception's screenplay were robbed, though. And who even knew that The Social Network had a score?? Kidding... kind of.

As for the hosts, I was actually pleasantly surprised by Anne Hathaway. She definitely gave it everything she had. And James Franco was stoned out of his mind, but his job was to stand there and look amazing, which he did quite well. And I loved the video at the beginning. And Halle Berry's dress. I want it.

Dang I am just full of videos today. Not much else is going on, but I thought I'd start a new segment: What I'm Watching on Netflix. I recently finished season 2 of Parks and Recreation (which if you still have not seen, please rectify that immediately. Even if you didn't really care for season 1. It's a million times better. Ron Swanson is such a man.) Now I am watching the first season of Drop Dead Diva, a cute and witty comedy about a model who is transported into a fat girl's body when she dies. The show really resonates with me and has really good insights about the way society treats larger women. It's Freaky Friday meets Legally Blonde. You should check it out.

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  1. That video was HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing. And I think I'll start watching that tv sounds good. We need to have Glee parties again, Chels!!