Monday, October 10, 2011


I feel like I get most of my posts written when I'm supposed to be studying for school. Oh well.

It's been a while since I've posted, huh? Sorry about that. I have just been super busy (surprise surprise). Let's see what's happened:

  • This last week my family came out for my grandpa's wedding, General Conference, and my birthday. I'm 20 now! Crazy. It's nice to no longer be a teen. Even though people still gasp when they hear how young I am. (I've been in school for two whole years now folks! I'm just like you, I swear!)
  • The Daily Universe and Bradley continue to keep my stress levels up. Still loving it though. See the journalism tab for recent stories. Highlights include a front page article about the new Jerusalem set, the BYU professor who's on Survivor, and an art exhibit I recently reviewed. 
  • Football season! There have some (pretty bad) lows and some recent improvements, but I have gone to each game. I've sat by someone different each time and had a lot of fun. Go Riley Nelson :)

  • And of course, fall TV! My favorite time of the year. I've been watching my old favorites such as Community, Parks and Rec, Glee, Raising Hope, Modern Family, of course, but there are some pretty good new ones this year too. Here's what you should watch:
    • New Girl - "Adorkable" (I hate that term) Zooey Deschanel shacks up with 3 equally dorky but lovable guys. Sounds cliched, but it is slowly turning into one of my favorites. The actors are pretty funny and Zooey is too charming for her own good. "It's Jess!" I want my own theme song.
    • Up All Night - Will Arnett. (anyone else stoked about the recent Arrested Development news??!!) Christina Applegate. Maya Rudolph. The dream team. A show about once-cool 30-somethings adjusting to life after baby plays right to these comedian's strengths.Not cliche at all. And did I mention I love Will Arnett?
    • Revenge - the concept stands against everything I believe (a girl getting weekly revenge against those who played a part in her father's execution) but it is so addicting. Call me bad, but I love the overall theme of "Rich people? Screw em!" And Nick Weschler has grown up well. I'm just saying.
    • Pan Am - the start of the feminist movement! The glory days when flying wasn't so awful! Traveling the world! Sky spys! If I lived in the 60s this would have been my job, no doubt. The locales are gorgeous, and it depicts the 60s in a way that doesn't hide the bad aspects but isn't as doom and gloom as Mad Men. Pure entertainment value.
    • The Secret Circle - teenagers who are way too beautiful and wear way better clothing than I do. Why do I keep watching you, CW?? Also, witches.

Finally, here is a 2 minute video of my study abroad that the amazing Michael Sorenson produced. He also made a 2 hour version that we recently got together and saw (it literally made me cry it was so good). I will be forcing everyone that comes over to watch it, so be warned.

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