Monday, August 20, 2012

Provo Bucket List

So it's finally hit me, as I sit here at the Dayton airport waiting for my flight, that next week will start my last fall semester of college ever. Maybe it was my mother's tears as she lamented getting old. Maybe it was those emails from BYU about graduation deadlines that I actually have to pay attention to now. Or maybe it was visiting my high school friends at OSU and all of us saying we couldn't believe it's already been three years since we left Loveland. Regardless the reason, this is it. I am officially a college senior. Two more semesters, and I am outta here.

I'm not really the type to get sentimental about these things (me at high school graduation: "See ya, suckers!" Also, "Do you all not realize that we look like freaking Hogwarts students?? Just me? Ok, cool.") but I definitely don't want this last year to go to waste. After all, college is supposed to be your last few years of freedom before the real world. Or so they tell me. So I'm going to live it up.

Hence, the Provo bucket list.

Provo, Utah, isn't the most exciting of places, to be sure. But it's certainly unique, and it's been a good host to me these past three years. And since I don't plan on sticking around much longer after I graduate, I'm planning on getting all that I can out of Provo before I leave it for good. So here it is:

Chelsey's Senior Year Provo Bucket List

Provo River

1. Go to Seven Peaks waterpark

2. Float the Provo River

3. Waterboard on Utah Lake

4. Attend the Rooftop Concert Series

5. Try all the different flavors of cupcakes at The Cocoa Bean

This will happen
6. Go to the homecoming week activities

7. Go to a rugby game

8. Attempt to ski

9. Hike Bridal Veil Falls

10. Complete the kong cone challenge at macey's

11. See a show at the Scera

12. Eat at the Communal

13. Attend a Real Salt Lake game

There it is. Think I'm missing anything? (I've already hiked the Y and have no desire to hike Timp, so no need to mention that.) I'll let you know when I check things off the list. And if you want to do any of these things too, please let me know! I would love having a partner-in-crime as I take over Provo.

What would be on your Provo bucket list?


  1. Consider me your partner in crime! If you wanna do any of these things, text me and if I'm not busy I'll totally accompany you! (Also, this is strange because I just got updated for this post but you wrote it like two weeks ago! :p)

  2. this is a great idea! i need to make a bucket list for my last year here at the Y!