Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Think I'll Go to Boston

Yes, we did hear that song a million times on the radio while we were in Boston. Nuance isn't really their style.

Jenny and I went to Boston this past weekend and we had a blast. Seriously guys, New England is the prettiest part of America. The green, the sea, the cute architecture, everything is wonderful.

We stayed with my one of my favorite old Young Women's leaders, Bekka, and her adorable family. They have the cutest New England house and were so gracious to let us crash for a couple nights and show us around the city. Here are some of things we did:

I'm obsessed with the architecture of this city

The fabulous Joner family!
King's Chapel Burying Ground
The wharf

My main man Ben.

Mike's Pastry has the best cannolis on this green earth.

These clam shells were EVERYWHERE on the beach.
Mikey's burying my feet. Though I'm not sure where my legs end and the sand begins... #pastywhite

After the city we chilled at the beach for a couple hours. It was perfect evening followed by an even more perfect meal, LOBSTERS and CLAMS. If you know my love of seafood, then you know I was in heaven. Jenny scored some life points by cracking open her very first lobster. It was a proud moment.

The next day we went to Salem to see the witches. We checked out the Salem Witch Museum, which showed the history of the 1692 trials and the changing perceptions of witches throughout the ages. Interesting stuff. Even more interesting is just how much this town embraces its witchy history. There is literally a witch trail, potions shops, people in costume, and several psychic readers. And yes, I did get a tarot card reading where I was told I need to keep on my current path to be successful. So there's that.

Here are some pics of Salem:


Not tacky at all.
Embracing my inner witch. I didn't have to try too hard. 

Seriously. Obsessed. 

Basically it was a perfect weekend and I need to go back. Here's a video I made about it. Enjoy some more fun facts about witches.


  1. Love Boston, love the vid, love YOU! Miss you LOTS. You look gorgeous (and also successfully creepy in that Salem photo) and I adore your shorts. When I graduate I am seriously coming to New York, getting a job, and living with you--in that order haha. Oh and did you go to faneil hall? If not, next time you go to boston, it's definitely a must. Seriously though...miss you girl. I love you and I hope you are doing well! Provo isn't the same without you.. :( P.S. Have you written Hollie? I am the absolute WORST. Her sister actually emailed me a little while ago asking me to email Hollie because she wanted to get in touch with me! Gahhh I'm terrible, aren't I? :p this week. THIS WEEK. haha. love you.

    1. Hahaha you had better come to NYC!! I miss you like crazy. And yeah Hollie actually emailed me last week...I feel bad too. I told her I'd write her a letter but I haven't yet...