Saturday, December 12, 2009

Looking back at this semester

Well it's official. I am now halfway done with my first year at college. ( I still have finals, but let's pretend that those don't exist, ok?) I can't believe it has gone by so fast! It has certainly been an experience I won't forget. Let's look at some of the highlights.

Realizing how much groceries cost

Me: Avocadoes cost how much?!?

Some dude standing near me: Well, it looks like its says $2.04.

(I glare at said dude while secretly moaning thinking about all the guacamole I will never get to eat.)

Guy playing Pokemon on his DS in my History class

"YES! LEVEL UP!" he whispers loud enough for the whole row to hear. I glance over at his game. A Charizard. Nice choice. I'm kinda jealous, actually. Simulated fighting creatures are so much more interesting than the Mongol conquests.

My Honors English class

I was dreading taking this class from the very beginning, because I really felt like I didn't need it. And honestly, I really didn't learn much about writing that I didn't already know. But boy did I learn a whole slew of other useful things. Like that I should avoid Physic's majors. The fact that BYU hates Stephanie Meyer too. That all professor's children are on a higher intellectual plane than we are. That even BYU students have dirty minds, and don't mind being a little sacriligious, especially for a paper extension. Take this kid for example, who decided to sing the Young Women's theme in a high pitched voice and rap out the Honor Code:

What a kid. I also made some sweet friends in this class too, and I hope that this isn't the last time I see them :(

My Comms 101 Internet Magazine

Forget the fact that it was about dating and I know next to nothing about that subject, I got a 100%. Take that, boys.

Oh I also made a wikipedia page for English. Check it:

Making a fort in the lobby during Thanksgiving:

Wouldn't be freshman year without it.

Fun times with my roommates

Whether it's dressing up as gangsters at Halloween, hitting up random dance parties, watching Glee with Kailee, playing pranks on Hollie, stressin about science with Christine, checking out boys with Kelly, laughing at Brooke ;-) , crepe parties, yummy dinners (Cincinnati Chili on Sunday! Can't wait!), sporting events, cleaning checks, or whatever antics we get up to, it's been a blast with these girls. Hopefully we all don't want to kill each other next semester.

I'll probably think of more later, but it's getting late and I should get some zzz's. Cause finals really do exist, unfortunately.

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