Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Home!

So good to be back in grand ol' Loveland. Even though my family fails at Christmas decorating. Lame.

Finals were annoying, and I'm glad they're over. Still have to work on A Htg this break, which stinks. I never get a break from school, it seems.

In other news, I got accepted into the study abroad program!!! I am so freaking psyched to go travel the world this summer. Ahhh! I can't even believe it. New York City, Switzerland, France, Italy, China, AND India :))

Still have Christmas shopping to do. No idea what to get for my family.

It's colder and snowier here than it is in Utah. Weird.

I'd also like to thank Shirley for driving me to the airport today. I owe her lots of hugs. Also, this was one of the more enjoyable flights I've been on. I knew 4 people on my flight today and even sat next to one of them! Nice to sit next to a friend instead of a creepy old man which is usually the norm :) Yay for BYU Cincy kids haha.

Here's hoping everyone has a great break!

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