Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finals Mania

So I know I haven't posted for quite a while, and that's because the semester is ALMOST OVER and I've been crazy busy. I probably shouldn't even be posting right now. But oh well.

So last week after the (not as treacherous but still pretty scary) drive back from Washington, my family came down for a few days! My aunt Brook was holding her wedding reception in Salt Lake, so my family came down for that. It was kinda cool to see them all here, as opposed to me always traveling to see them. They came and saw my apartment and we ate at Sconecutter, Chipotle!, and Wingers, which is a really good wings and burger place here in Provo that my mom's friend's husband owns. The reception was really great and it just amazes me how much their kids look so similar. Congratulations Brook and Dave! We also went to the BYU basketball game, where we dominated, of course.

Other than that, though, I've mostly just been studying for finals. Bradley had its final trade show on Thursday, where GEM came in 3rd place. That was a surprise, but pretty cool :) Thursday was also the last day I mentored Triniti. We decorated sugar cookies and made snowflakes, and she gave me the most adorable Christmas kitchen towel. I'll miss that girl.

My roommate also had her birthday yesterday, and one of the presents she got was a Ryan Reynolds poster on our apt door. I know this post has been a little text heavy, so I'll give you ladies what you really want :)

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