Saturday, May 14, 2011


The buzzword of this spring. I'm taking two PR classes and also doing Bradley again. The account I'm on this time is the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce. Our job is to get more businesses to join the Chamber, by creating collateral and through social media. It's actually way fun. We met with the Chamber President, Donna, at Paradise Cafe (SO good! Kind of like Panera Bread or Zupas, but better, in my opinion. I recommend the BBQ Chicken Salad). She told us about this YA novel she's working on, which sounds really interesting, something about witches in Korea, I can't quite remember. Then we got down to business about what we're supposed to do to get more businesses to join and I'm really excited...

...Even though it means I will be even MORE busy than I already am. My other two classes have either a paper or presentation (or both) due each day, it seems like. (plus there's that ever-looming american heritage...) But I'm learning a ton. I recently gave a presentation on Lady Gaga and her ridiculous scandals. And we also just conducted a focus group for BYU Broadcasting. I think the stress has gotten to me because I've been sick for a couple days now... blah.

Also, I'm debating getting an internship for this next school year. My current job is steady and good pay, but I do need the experience. But I still don't graduate for two years... hmm. Maybe I'll do a pro/cons list (thank you, Leslie Knope!)

Other goal for the spring - get in better shape for study abroad. P90X marathons, anyone?

This blew my mind. I love you, Pixar. 

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