Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Time

So I realize I totally failed on the "blogging every day advent-calender style before Christmas" thing. Sorry about it. There were these little things called finals that got in the way, then flying home, then decorating THE WHOLE FREAKING HOUSE while my parents were in Florida, then Christmas, seeing my old high school friends, watching TV and movies, reading books.... OK, maybe towards the end of that there wasn't much excuse. Oh well.

But just because I don't like to leave loose ends, here is the rest of the list. You're welcome :)

What I Love About Christmas - Days 5-25

5) Christmas movies - specifically A Christmas Story, Elf, It's A Wonderful Life, Muppet's Christmas Carol, White Christmas and recently released Arthur Christmas
6) TV specials - How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the old cartoon) and Charlie Brown's Christmas are must-sees every year. The old 1960's claymation specials are winners too.
7) Spending time with family
8) Snow. Exception being this year...
9) Christmas dinner - ham and potatoes. mmm.
10) Twinkly lights
11) No school!
12) Christmas sweaters. I win contests with this special number:
You can only see half of it, but that mitten on the shoulder should tell you everything right there

13) The fact that everyone's just a little bit nicer this time of year
14) Memories and traditions. Such as getting snuggly pjs each Christmas Eve.
15) Making ornaments
16) Presents. This year I got shoes, clothes, some home necessities, nail polish, all 8 Harry Potter films, and money to buy even more movies hahaha
17) Going downtown and seeing the lights and going ice skating.
Big sparkly tree in Salt Lake City

and in Cincinnati
18) Snuggling in a blanket next to a lit fireplace, listening to Christmas music
19) The nostalgia of it all
20) "The feeling that even the darkest, coldest nights can be the best and brightest"
21) A reminder of everything you've been blessed with.
22) Giving presents. Making others happy.
23) Holiday sales
24) Christmas crafts
25) And of course, the most important - the birth of Jesus Christ. Having Christmas on a Sunday this year was great. Even though we should think about it year-round, it's always important to be reminded of the ultimate Christmas present - our Savior.

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