Tuesday, July 3, 2012

California Road Trip

I present to you: pictures from my business trip up north. You're very welcome.

First stop: San Jose. I don't have a ton of pictures from here because it mostly just looked like this. Hills and buildings.

Although the hills were quite fun to frolic in.

The lounge in the Silicon Valley Edelman office

Weekend in San Francisco! You can tell where my first stop was...

I can haz all the chocolatez?

I need one of these in my apartment.

Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. Incredibly delicious.

The gang in front of the Golden Gate Bridge!

I took a lot of pictures of this thing.

I had lunch with my friend and fellow baseball fan Christine and we visited AT&T Park, home of the San Fransisco Giants!

Bay Cruise with my new sweatshirt, proving that I am indeed the ultimate tourist.

Yet another Golden Gate Bridge pic

Alcatraz and I

Do you know that tickets to get on the island sell out months in advance?? Yeah, neither did I.

This is where some dude escaped

Creepy prisons

Fisherman's Wharf. Crazy street filled with shops and restaurants and street performers.

Sea lions.

Muir Woods

Giant redwood tree!

Even gianter redwood tree!

Many giant redwood trees!

I got to go to church with my girl Christine! So great to see her!

Next stop: Sacramento. We visited Edelman, ACC and the State Capitol.

Assembly room. I recognized a lot of the names on the screen. I'm becoming very political.

The Capitol had a cool exhibit on women's suffrage. Which of course I loved.

Lovely quote from my girl Alice.

And then to end my journey, I came back to LA and hung our with the ward for Mormon Dodger Night! So much fun, although the Dodgers got creamed.

Some of the gang.
I wasn't close enough to get a good picture of Uchtdorf being a baller, so here's one from Deseret Book.

And a fireworks show! Set to Lincoln Park. Because nothing says "I Love America" than some good ol' "Burn it Down."

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun! We stayed in about 7 different hotels, which brought back memories of my study abroad (of which it's already been a year. Crazy, right?!) and drove A TON. Basically I'm an expert on the state of California now.

Coming up: My Cincy homeboys come to play, America's birthday and some movies I've been dying to see. 


  1. Aw you toured my stomping ground..minus San Jose...no one goes there ;) love the redwoods..did you eat at Boudins in SF? Best clam chowder..looks like lots of fun! So now that youve driven there you know the highway speed is at least 85? lol we hate slow drivers.

  2. Girl no worries I drive like a roadster. And I didn't eat at Boudins because it was CRAZY busy, but I really wanted one of their sourdough turtles. Adorable.

  3. Love you Chels!! So good to see you! So glad you are just having the best time :)