Sunday, May 12, 2013

NY Week 2

Another week, more crazy adventures. I'm a little short on time (ok, I took like a four-hour nap and then watched the Survivor finale. (Yay for Cochran!) Sorry not sorry.), so this is mostly just going to be a long string of pictures. Visual appeal!

Monday was fairly uneventful. I went shopping for some needed business clothes and shoes and walked through the streets of Harlem by myself, so that was fun.

Tuesday we ate at the Starlight Diner, a restaurant that turns waiters into Broadway stars. Or something like that. It was cool for the experience, but the food was pretty expensive and honestly not that great. I don't know if I'd recommend it.  
 Wednesday we had class, so not much to report on that front. We heard from Toni Muzi Falconi, PR extraordinaire and professor at NYU. It was an interesting lecture. Afterward we had Shake Shack and EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET THE PRETZEL CONCRETE. So freaking delicious.

Thursday night Katrina and I attended the LiveWire
 series at the Apollo Theater, where these two
awesome speakers led a discussion on the
history of Harlem and its influence on the
music world. It was a fascinating look
into a different culture. 
The discussion was sprinkled with performances
from Lady Leah, who had a wonderful voice and
evoked feelings of an older era of jazz. 

For work on Friday I got to help out with Grand Central Terminal's Parade of Trains event, particularly the press preview. It was cool to see the old historic trains from the 20th Century Limited and to see train-geek reporters nerd out. 

The Parade of Trains.

Why can't trains be all fancy like this today? Transportation is basically just another way to herd cattle these days.
Friday I also got to see The Great Gatsby and I loved it! I totally thought it did the story justice and of course Leo was amazing. We also stopped by the Plaza Hotel before heading to the movie, to see some of the costumes from the film as well as Nick's typewriter (see video). Only in New York can you do something like that. So dang sweet.

We started off Saturday by seeing Ben Stiller direct a movie on our street. 
Then we won lottery tickets to Newsies!! My name was the first one called--literally the first time that's ever happened to me.
The show was so good!! The choreography was especially spectacular. I scored pretty good seats, too. Second row in the middle. Not too shabby. The guy next to me could have smelled a little better, though. 
Next was the Met, where I finally got to see the Impressionist paintings I love so much. Especially some Van Gogh and Monet.
Washington Crossing the Delaware. 
Just chilling with my favorite Founding Father. I got yelled at for standing too close. And for taking pictures. And for being too loud. Basically the Met hates me. 
Sunday Mother's Day lunch was celebrated at Sylvia's, Queen of Soul Food. 
Where of course I had to get the chicken and waffles. Seriously the best combination known to man. 
 So that's about it. The video has a bit more footage. It's been another fun yet exhausting week!

Everyone come visit!

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