Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week Tres

Another week of fun in New York City. My computer just died and the computer lab is only open for another half hour, so I'm gonna do this post quick through pictures. Sorry.

Monday Jenny and I stalked the Arrested Development banana stand and geeked out hard.

Tuesday we became full-on groupies as we found the banana stand again, this time with Terry Crew manning it.

Tuesday night we went to the Yankees game, which was fun, but I have to admit...I was not impressed. They didn't have lids for their drinks or offer ranch for their chicken fingers (which also wasn't super great). And no one came around to peddle frozen lemonades. Very disappointing. Go GABP!

Wednesday was class, and I treated myself to this absolutely delicious waffle from a stand.

Thursday we ate at Gray's Papaya...which was ok. At least is was cheap.

Then we saw CollegeHumor Live at the UCB, which was hilarious. I just love comedy clubs.

Friday I saw Star Trek (Go see it! Now!) And on the Subway ride home I saw this amazing ad. It's kinda blurry, but you may be able to notice that the before and after pictures feature human beings of completely separate genders.

Saturday was a pretty full day. We started off with a Staten Island Ferry ride.

Where we saw a beautiful view of the city.

And the Statue of Liberty.

We ate lunch at Katz's, famous for its mouthwatering pastrami sandwiches, which was so freaking good. And huge.


Next was the World Trade Center Memorial, which was beautiful and chilling and now one of my favorite places.

Just so many names. So sad.

The Guggenheim!

From the top.

The lake at Central Park.
That's about it! Work is still going great. I'm applying to all the jobs right now, so we'll see where that goes. I'm starting to hit panic mode.


Ok I'm good now.

Here's the vid:

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