Friday, January 29, 2010

Students Voice Their Problems with BYU

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Students voiced their concerns with issues such as widespread campus closure for devotionals and the online financial website on Jan. 22, 2010.

“I think it’s wrong that workers in the Cougareat, for example, have to stop what they’re doing for an hour every Tuesday, yet if they wanted to watch General Conference, they wouldn’t be able to,” said Jennifer Tanner, 24, from Apache Junction, Ariz., a junior, majoring in linguistics.

Rebekah Hartshorn, 21, from Orem, Utah, a sophomore, majoring in history, said that that sometimes she gets hungry or has to run errands on Tuesday mornings. She sometimes just forgets that everything is closed, and ends up frustrated for having to wait an hour before being able to do anything.

Another problem several students said they face is BYU’s financial website. Tanner said she finds it hard to navigate and thinks the interface is confusing and not very user-friendly.

“It’s basically no help at all,” adds Guy Zimmerman, 24, from Pendleton, Oreg., a junior, majoring in Portuguese.

Zimmerman, sporting a growing beard, also said he had a huge issue with the shaving policy.

“I just want a beard,” Zimmerman said. “Is that too much to ask?”

Another issue that Zimmerman brought up was his problem with BYU contracted housing. He said he had never had a roommate from BYU before, and that if a BYU student has to sign with BYU approved housing, then BYU should be more stringent with who can live there.

Hartshorn, who lives at home, doesn’t have an issue with BYU housing but does certainly have a problem with rising textbook costs.

“I spent $300 for one class alone last semester,” Hartshorn said. “This semester I bought them online because it was much, much cheaper.”

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