Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to Reality, Oops It's Insanity

I hate being back in the real world. All I've been doing this week has been moving out and cleaning... no fun. I also only have about $30 in my bank account... oops. And I just had to order textbooks, and we all know what that means...


At least I get to go to California in two days! Brit, Miranda, and I are driving down to Santa Barbara and staying with her grandparents. I've never actually stayed in Cali before, so I'm really excited! I need some time to relax on the beach, read a novel or two, shop with my nonexistent'll be a blast :) Except that I accidentally packed away my swimsuit. Good thinking there, Chels.

I just realized that I never talked about my visit back home to Ohio! It was really great to see my family and some old friends again. Loveland/Cincy seriously never changes. It's great. Although it was hotter than freaking India over there.(Heat Index of 115. Seriously.)

While I was home, I went to dinner with Anna, Mack, and Sam at the Asian Paradise, caught up with Allie over lunch at Panera, and went to lunch at B-Dubs and Hawaiian Ice with Heather. I love these girls. I also caught up with Rachel (it had been over a year!) at Skyline and it was fantastic. I also went to Kings Island with the sibs, which was fun except that they're both serious wimps and chickened out on the big rides.

Not as cool as the real thing. Sorry, Ohio.

Another fun thing I did was a girls night out on the town with Syd and Katie. We saw a concert on Fountain Square (I can't for the life of me remember the name of the band... Ted and the somethings) as well as getting delish Chinese food and having dance parties in alleyways. I also got to see my Mormon buddy Sarah, hahaha.  (Sorry for the Elders, girl! :)

I love downtown Cincy

we're pretty. that's all.

not scared at all. just dancing.

I also went to the Reds v Giants game (we won) and saw Jessica and Heather! It had been wayyy too long since I'd seen those girls, and it was great to catch up.

I wish I could have seen some more of my old friends, but I was only there for a week :( And the thing is, most of us weren't even there. We're all growing up, getting real world internships or going on study abroads or finishing school... it's kinda scary.

So now I'm back in Provo, living it up at work. And getting a pic with NBA professional Jimmer Fredette. nbd.

it was a good day at work

I also went to see Tim McGraw with Leah and Kristen. I am in love. We managed to get better seats than what we paid for, and it basically made our whole night. Not even the crazy drunk lady we wanted to run over could ruin it.

Love me some Timmy

Also, like I said before, see Crazy, Stupid, Love. It's one of the better romcoms I've seen in a loooong time. And Ryan Gosling... enough said.


Bye for now.

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  1. Ugh. I never want summer to end! I can completely relate to you about the whole textbook thing. My bank account looks pretty cute right now but once
    groceries and other things pop up. It's not going to be as pretty.