Saturday, April 6, 2013

Three more weeks

The race towards graduation is happening so fast I can barely keep up. These last two weeks of school will be super busy (this last week was the worst), finals won't be too bad, then it's just prepping for graduation and my speech(!) and then I am OFF TO NEW YORK. Craziness.

When I have more time I promise I'll have more topic-specific posts, but for now just a quick update of what I've been up to.

I've been attending a lot of concerts lately. Hillary and I went to see our friend Jared's band, Red Orange, for starters.
And then MIKA, whom I absolutely adore. He did all of his songs acoustically, and it was one of the best shows I've been to.
Shiny Toy Guns. I have to say I'll really miss Utah audiences. They get really into it and it's always a blast. 

Cori and I got a pic with the lead singer of Midi Matilda (they were good--check them out!) and he told Cori she should die her hair all the way pink, which was pretty funny.
Last BYU NIT game with Christine. I'm still shocked she didn't caught with that cowbell. 
I attended TEDxBYU, which was amazing and inspiring and basically highlighted everything I wish I could be as a public speaker. 
Yesterday was a Comms awards luncheon, where free food is always appreciated. Here are some of my other awesome PR friends who were honored. I'm gonna miss everyone so much. Gah. Can't think about it yet.
That's basically it. These last few weeks should be more eventful, including my raging graduation party on the 19th!! If anyone knows where to find an empty keg, let me know. It's for root beer, of course :)

I should also mention my April Fool's joke, which I thought was kinda lame since I didn't have much time to think of something better, but everyone still seemed to be fooled. I simply changed my birthday on Facebook to April 1, and everyone kept wishing me happy birthday throughout the day. It was pretty hilarious. Hillary even bought me fudge! Hahaha.

Bye for now.

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