Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh Hey.

I know. I know. I'm the world's worst blogger. Like, if they were handing out awards for People Who Say They're Going to Post but Never Do, I would win, hands down. To be fair, though, 1) I was out of a computer for two weeks, 2) life has been nonstop craziness, and 3) I've been more worried about getting my life together than keeping up this blog. I'll talk more about that in a future post very soon (I'm serious!) but for now I just wanted to give you all the highlights of these past three? four? weeks. 

Also, I've been a little bit better at updating my videos than my blog, so subscribe to my YouTube channel for better updates. I have iMovie now so hopefully they're getting better in quality. Besides, who wouldn't rather watch a five-minute video than read well, anything. Not me, that's for sure. Here's one about my Memorial Day weekend in D.C., for example:

Ok. So. It's been a fun-filled, crazy past few weeks. There's just so much to do here, and no matter how long I'll live here, I don't think I'll be able to do it all. I do think I've gotten most of the touristy stuff out of the way, though. Here are some of my favorite things I've done:

seeing lion king again. probably my favorite musical that i've seen so far.

getting to tour around d.c. with chelsea and alyse.

and brooke.

it was a pretty patriotic weekend. my first time in d.c.! the holocaust museum was probably my favorite thing we visited. i can't stop thinking about it. 

seeing jesse tyler ferguson in shakespeare in the park

my all-time favorite painting at the moma

coney island beach

riding roller coasters with these fools

meeting mr. grimaldi at his original restaurant.

the first time i couldn't finish a milkshake. props, serendipity 3

amateur night at the apollo. literally the coolest thing i've been to.

biking for the first time since high school and seeing the city in a whole new way.
That's all for now. There's a lot more to say about my internship and life in New York in general and worries about the future, but I'll save that for another time. Just know that I'm having a blast out here and miss all of you! I have a Mac now, so no excuses not to Skype me! Or FaceTime, as the Apple people call it. 


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