Sunday, September 8, 2013

This Week in Pop Culture

Yeah, I skipped last week. Sorry, I was just busy MOVING TO BROOKLYN and STARTING A NEW JOB.

So here's my pop culture list from the last two weeks. Obviously it's not too much because I was slightly busy.


My mom came last weekend to help me move and we had mother-daughter bonding time watching the Audrey Hepburn classic. Neither of us had seen it before for some strange reason. At first I wondered what all the fuss was about, but by the end I got it. What girl hasn't thought like Holly Golightly at least once? Men are rats or super rats. The trick is in finding our own Fred.

I was slightly disappointed they never actually ate breakfast at Tiffany's though.


I finally finished season 4 of Doctor Who, which was a mega-fest of all the great characters during Russell Davies' reign. I may have teared up a bit at Tennant's "I don't want to go." I'm on episode 3 of season 5, and I'm enjoyed the manic silliness of Matt Smith so far. And Karen Gillan's face is simply unfair.

Also this week was the SYTYCD finahhhle, as Cat Deeley says. I love all four them. I couldn't vote. Why was Gabby Douglas on the panel? I don't think she said one interesting thing. Also I'm obsessed with Mark Kanemura's choreography:


I saw Matilda with mom last weekend, and I loved it. I loved the movie when I was little (and consquently became scared of wearing pigtails henceforth) and thought the Broadway adaptation was really fun. And a little darker than I was expecting. That Miss Trunchbull is a nasty piece of work. The little girl who played Matilda was phenomenal, though. She was what, nine years old? Makes you question what you've been doing with your own life.


This video is a thing that exists on the Internet and the world is a better place because of it.


FALL TV IS ALMOST HERE!! I'll post a list like I did last year of all the shows I'm looking forward to, both new and old.

That's about it for now. I'm seeing Big Fish on Broadway this week, and I am so freaking excited. Stay tuned for a longer review on that.


  1. You live in Brooklyn now?!?! Gahhh you make me SO jealous. I have new york/east coast fever right now haha.

  2. Chelsey! I'm so glad you are living your dream. You definitely deserve it. I love reading your blog--it brings back good memories. Keep blogging! And keep posting SYTYCD! Love!

    1. Chelsea I miss you!! How's P-town? Any news on your end??