Monday, January 17, 2011

I Love Ricky Gervais

Typical Gervais face
The Golden Globes were on last night. I only got to watch the last half of it, but from what I saw there weren't really any surprises in the awards. But it's definitely easy to see why the Golden Globes are less prestigious than the Academy Awards (nominating The Tourist?? Letting Glee win over Modern Family?? the shame...) but here were some of the highlights:
  •  Ricky Gervais was an awesome host and not afraid to poke fun at anything. "And here are the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film - a category nobody cares about." hahaha.
  • Robert De Niro and Natalie Portman's incredibly awkward acceptance speeches. De Niro kept talking about how awesome he was and something about private schools(?) while Portman went on and on about giving birth.
  • the fact that The Social Network swept the board. Shows that a movie doesn't have to be rated R to be great and artistic.

So that was that. It's been a pretty fun weekend so far. Friday night I went to Kelly's house and had tacos with my old roommates, and after that I went to see Imagine Dragons at the Velour with Brittany. They were so good and really fun. Check out my favorite song by them:

Saturday was spent cleaning my room, doing homework, and kind of just lazing around watching TV and movies with my roommates. We may not always live it up in this apartment, but I really don't mind spending days just chilling and watching movies with a few friends. I actually prefer that over non-stop partying. My life is hectic enough as it is.

Sunday I went to church, went to a couple meetings, watched the Golden Globes, and our apartment played games with a few of our friends. If you haven't ever played ImagineIff, you need to. Your friends' true feelings about you will come out :) (Apparently my friends really like my butt... If I was a train car, I'd be the caboose, If I were a piece of meat, I'd be a rump roast... yeah.)

Today I went to a GEM meeting, where we are in the midst of hardcore media pitching right now. The event is on Thursday, so we are trying to get as many reporters as we can out there. I'll eventually have to call a reporter from the Associated Press and The Washington Post. Not scary or anything. It was cool though, because all the new PR kids were asking ME for advice on how to do things. I mean, I really don't know that much yet either, but it still made me feel pretty good :)

Other than that, I just need to finish some homework and go to Chipotle later today! It's freaking ridiculous that I have to drive 30 minutes to get my burritos. But it's worth it, what can I say.

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