Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, I did it

The first week of school has come and gone. It will be an okay semester - nothing too exciting, but not too hard. Here are the classes I'm taking:

- Intro to Accounting: The class I'm least looking forward to. We only have to attend 8 lectures since most of it is on CD, but each lesson on the CD is around 3 hours long. There are also a lot of quizzes and papers and all around busy work. The syllabus was 22 pages. Fun. Fun. Fun. I'm also one of three blonde girls in the class. Elle Woods, anyone?

- Marketing Management: I like marketing, but I'm still not really clear on how the class is going to work. The professor spent the first day spotlighting the people in the class his kids know instead of explaining the syllabus. So we'll see. We watch a lot of cool Youtube videos, so that's nice.

- Doctrine and Covenants: The professor is an old blind guy who seems really sweet, but also very boring. The D&C are also the book of scriptures I know the least about .

- Modern American Usage: The professor is a linguist, and spends the whole class period telling us how much grammar rules are stupid and unnecessary. Whatever. At least I have a friend in this class :) Shoutout to Jasmine!

- Media Law and Ethics: Was initially dreading this class. I mean, it's Media Law and Ethics. But Professor Brown, who is also a member of the Utah House of Representatives, is hilarious and tries really hard to make the subject matter interesting and relevant. For example, he demonstrated the concept of defamation by showing us the E-Trade babies commercial. And he's an adjunct professor which, as he says, means "I can do whatever I want." This will probably be my favorite class :)

- Bradley Lab: Since the GEM event is at the end of this month, (I still haven't been told who we got as a speaker) I will join a new account. Should be pretty exciting. My goal is to get more involved in PRSSA this semester, and maybe even be an officer for it next school year.

I'll also be taking my study abroad prep class second block this semester. To make me even more excited than I already am. I still need to go get my passport.

Tomorrow I work before the game starts so I'll actually be able to go to an entire basketball game for once! BYU is doing so awesome - we're currently ranked #15 and won at UNLV for the first time in six years on Wednesday. Take a look at some of these ridiculous three pointers Jimmer made:

Also, check out this article from ESPN. Here's a sampling:  "Consider this your last and final warning, America. If you don't go out of your way to check out what the Cougars and Fredette do on a nightly basis -- their crazy, uptempo, let's-chuck-from-anywhere, oh-my-goodness-what-a-shot approach to every single game they play -- you're missing out on the most entertaining show college hoops has to offer."

Go Cougs. :)

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