Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Writing Prowess at an Early Age...

... well not really. But I thought you might find this amusing. I was browsing through all my elementary school stuff and happened upon this little story I wrote in 3rd grade. (This will be true to the original - misspellings and all. Only thing I added were paragraph breaks.) Warning - contains little to no character development and narrative direction, but contains plenty of plot holes. Enjoy!

What Happened on the Day the Teacher Wasn't There
By Chelsey Saatkamp

One Friday morning the class walked into the classroom and saw that the teacher wasn't there. "What do we do?" asked Chelsey.

"I don't know," said Daniel.

"Let's see if the other teachers are here," suggested Shelby.

"Ok, but what if they arn't?" asked Victoria.

"Well then we'll go home," said Shelby to Victoria.

"No way," exclaimed C.J. hearing this. "I want to party."

"Well that's another good idea," Amy said.

"Let's go see if the other teachers are here and if there not, then we'll party," shouted Randi.

"Shhh not so loud, you might get in trouble if teachers are here," whispered Katie. So they went to Mrs. Ehle's conecting door across the classroom. They went inside and she wasn't there. They checked Mrs. Taylor's room, wasn't there. They checked Mrs. Rorabaugh's room, wasn't there. They checked Mrs. Barnett's and Mrs. Miller's room, they weren't there.

"Wow, what do we do?" asked Chelsey.

"Party!" shouted C.J. "We can get the Tootsie Roll Pops!"

"But wait," said Katie, "Where are all the teachers?"

"They're probably at a meeting," Cody said.

"No, they would leave a note on the chalkboard if they were at a meeting," Chelsey said. (I love how I made myself the voice of reason).

"Let's go party, I want a Tootsie Roll Pop," C.J. exclaimed.

"Ok ok we'll go," Jade said pantly. (pantly?)

They walked back to the classroom, still no teacher, so they moved Jade's, Austin's, C.J.'s and Marshal's desk to make a table. Then the class got started. Laura got the candy and put it on the table. Steven got the cafeteria food and passed out. (...) Victoria got decorations from rooms and put it outside the room and hung it up. Then suddenly Amy said, "Where are all the other kids that are in other classes?"

"Amy, who wants to know right now, besides the other kids would probably tell on us if they saw us so just have some fun and stop worring," Randi told Amy. Then all of the sudden the party began. Everyone ate and fooled around and told jokes and tricked others and alot more stuff I could think of. (a true creative mind, I had).

About two hours later they heard a door slam shut. (climax begins). The class stood still for a moment, then started to put everything away. They put the candy away, the decorations away, turned on the light and turned the music off. They heard it again. They were more frightened then ever. Chelsey went to go see what was making that noise. "You silly, it was only the wind blowing the door." (from inside the building...?) Everybody started laughing.

"We were scared of the wind, " Vince said.

"Let's go home, it's time anyway," Julie said.

"Yes" everyone said all the same time. "Let's go home." So they all all got their backpacks and got ready to go home. As they went to their buslines they remembered that their teacher's wern't there so they walked home.

On Monday when they got to school their teacher was there. "That's funny, she wasn't here on Friday," Chelsey said to herself.

When she got to her desk Mrs. McAteer said, "Why are Jade's, Austin's, Marshal's and C.J.'s desk here in the middle?"

"Oops we forgot to put the desks back away on Friday."


"Yes Friday, you were missing Friday." (Not sure who's speaking here...)

"You silly children Friday was a holiday!"

"Oh so that's why nobody was here!" answered Jade. (lightbulb!)


"But you never gave us the note!" Laura said.

Well I guess it's my fault when I don't give you the note," she winked.

The End.


  1. Haha that was absolutely great! That actually was pretty well written for being in 3rd grade so nice job. ;) I love how you have no sense of grammar ha.

  2. haha yep i needed you as my editor :)

  3. Super cute."Pantly". . . "patiently" maybe? :)