Saturday, August 7, 2010

See Professors, I have been studying :)

John Wherry, ex-CEO of the National School Public Relations Association, once said that good public relations has four main components:
  1. Do a good job
  2. Do a GOOD job
  4. Tell people about it
Basically, if your company or association is doing a good job all along, your work will speak for itself and there will be no need for damage control later on. Here are a few people and organizations that still need to learn this lesson:

- BP (Exxon-Valdez who?)
- Apple (Antennagate anyone?)
- Lindsay Lohan
- Google Buzz (it's gone? but I didn't even know you existed!)
- Toyota (yeah, STILL recalling duds)
- Network TV - particularly the Big 4 (there's a reason 80% of Emmy-nominated shows are from cable)
- The Cleveland Cavaliers

Those doing a pretty good job:

- Old Spice (campaigning like a man, man)
- Facebook (now boasts over 500 million members)
- Android (just because I hate Apple. And so should you :P )
- Warner Bros.

See, I haven't been living under a rock this summer :) Now time to research these further. Bring it on, case study.

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  1. Lindsay Lohan isn't really an organization...but ya she does bug. And please do research it further! This stuff is interesting to read about. :)