Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ode to Cincinnati / Loveland

Oh Great Queen City, my time with you is almost through
You have been good to me, old friend.
With your delicious restaurants - there is nothing quite like
Skyline, Graeter's, LaRosa's, and the Whippy Dip -
And your improving sports teams (Go Reds!)
And your green, green hills and treacherous roads.
Nothing beats Loveland's small town feel,
With the bike trail, the Little Miami River, and the Loveland Frog.
The way everyone adds an "s" to all the grocery stores -
I'll miss you, Kroger(s) and Meijer(s).
The laid-back nature of Midwestern people,
The scary but thrilling thunderstorms,
How you can drive half an hour and end up in another state,
All these are reasons why I love
Being from the 513.
O-H-I-O :)

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