Monday, August 30, 2010

Sophomore year = Busy year

Soo my first day back at school just ended, and I'm too tired to form coherent paragraphs, so bullet points will have to do.

  • started my first day as a ticket clerk. went pretty well, mostly just handed out All Sports Passes. They offered me more hours in the mornings which is nice...
  • but also potentially problematic, if I get the Library Instructor position I have an interview for on Thursday. This job would pay about a dollar more, so the choice is pretty obvious, still it's pretty hard to tell your boss you have really limited availability.
  • church at 830 in the morning is awful. Not sure how I'll be able to do it.
  • ward seems nice though. girl:boy ratio is about 3:1 again. fun.
  • not too interested in any of my classes. yay for GE's and self-centered professors
  • really excited to go to the Women's Center and start volunteering there. I really believe that Shirley and I are going to make a difference in this school and for women in general
  • so. much. homework.
  • comms app 10 days and counting
  • should I join Bradley PR? will I have TIME to join Bradley PR?
  • nice reunion dinner tonight with my old roomies ;) love them
  • still need to get some books. ha.
  • MY ROOM IS AWESOME. still need more decorations. need movie posters.
  • my new roommates are pretty awesome, too
  • will think of more later. so tired.

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  1. girl boy ratio again??? sorry for that! no fun whatsoever! good luck with everything!