Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unproductivity for the win

So as my flight back to Provo looms closer and closer, I've tried to look back at the things I've accomplished this summer. And truthfully it's not much. My American Heritage course is only 1/5 complete. My tanning plan has actually gone backwards. Exercising was a joke. PR studying = haha. Reflecting back on this had me down for a little while, but then I realized that I probably put too much stress on myself in the beginning. I mean, it's summertime. A time you're supposed to enjoy. And I have enjoyed it. I've enjoyed being back in the great Queen City, having fun with all my old friends, seeing my family, watching movies, relaxing, and earning enough money for next year's rent to boot. Just because I haven't checked off every little thing on my list doesn't mean this summer was a failure. I have till April to do AH. Still two weeks and Orlando to make my legs a little less translucent. Exercising, yes I need to get better at. And PR - heck I can study that on the plane.

Just needed to write this down so I could feel better. Now back to my movie ;)


  1. Great! Just be positive! :) Yes I was in Ohio, but for just a few packed and busy days with the family. Sorry you weren't informed :)

  2. haha it's ok :) where in ohio were you?

  3. we were in Sandusky (Cedar Point and Kalihari Resort)!