Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 5

Let me just start by saying that TODAY WAS AN AMAZING DAY!!! First of all, I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAM!!! (Sorry for the all-caps. I'm just that stoked.) Today I also went to Humor U, which is always a good time. (But let's be honest - I just go for Stephen Jones.) And finally, tonight was the release party of The Vanguard!! The paper looks so good - I can't believe it actually happened. I'm a legitimate journalist now, folks. It's real. All of the articles are awesome and everyone we've talked to is really excited about it so I really hope it'll become big. We're trying to create a paper that discusses real, intellectual issues and local scenes that Provo/Orem students actually care about, so I hope you tell all your friends about it. And ask me for a copy come Monday! Or come to Fork Fest tomorrow - we're distributing some early copies there.

In other news, here's the challenge for Day 5!

Exercise for fun - choose a form of exercise you enjoy, one you wouldn't normally choose because it calls attention to your body.

I'll be the first to admit
it. I hate exercise. It definitely does not equate to fun in my book. But it's necessary - unfortunately. So today, my exercising was dancing. Sure, it was a party and some don't even consider it real exercise, but dancing definitely burns some calories and it's not exactly something I'm comfortable doing. One reason I don't really like going to dances is because it calls attention to my body and my atrocious dance moves. No one really wants to see it. But today - I let them see it. And I had a lot of fun in the process. Everyone was acting ridiculous, so my dancing fit right in :)

Here are some pics of my day:
1) my acceptance letter!
2) Me and Brit getting pumped for Humor U
3) The Vanguard Ladies
4) The Vanguard! I'm so proud! :)