Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Lovin'

I should be doing homework right now. But Marx's Communist Manifesto and whatever stupid chapter Dr. Crandall wrote does not sound really interesting right now. I think I'm becoming addicted to blogging. I blame it on the challenge :)

Today was a good day. Thursdays are always insane. I had Bradley meetings from 10-12, and worked at the Voices of Courage booth at the Wilk from 12-1. (Stop by there tomorrow and say hi! I'll be there again from 11-1) Shirley then took me back (through a mind-blowing shortcut, I might add) to the ghetto Office of IT where I returned my janky Dell, DeQuan. (I miss you, DeQuan...) THEN I had Elang class, where I was on Facebook all of class (Quote from Madeleine - "I would rather slide down a slide of razors...than go to this class." haha) Then I mentored my girl Triniti, where we took pictures and played some tennis. We're definitely not going to be pros anytime soon, but it was still way fun. (May I also add that I was Triniti's first contact on her new gmail account? I feel pretty special. (Also, what's up with all these parentheses, anyway?)) After that, I studied New Testament with Mackenzie, came home and watched NBC Thursday, and started blogging after a failed attempt at studying.

Also, I went to my first ever opera yesterday! It was a BYU performance of The Magic Flute, and it was pretty good. I also wore my BEAUTIFUL t-shirt today, and took a picture with another girl who was wearing hers as well. I think she said she was taking one with everyone she saw wearing it, so that was pretty cool. Yay for body image confidence :)

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