Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 8

Pay attention to your thoughts today. Practice challenging your negative thoughts and replacing them with more truthful ones.

Some negative thoughts I had today and how I turned my frowns upside down:
  • People probably think I'm annoying - I have this thought every now and then when I talk to my friends and get a curt reply back. I don't think I'm an annoying person - more likely they were just busy or having a bad day.
  • (Upon seeing a baby) Yeah I'll never have one of those, as it kind of requires meeting someone who's attracted to you, dating them, and then getting married, all of which will never happen to me. - I can't predict what's in the future. Besides, I'm only 19. Babies aren't on the menu for another 6 years at least.
  • My life is not that exciting - it so is. What happens matters, right?
So that's that. No more Negative Nancy for me :)

On a more fun note, my good friend Kailee tagged me in this little note. She asked me 8 questions, of which I'm supposed to answer and then tag more people. So see if you're on the list!

1. If you could only listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Probably Snow Patrol. I don't know why, I just love them and never get sick of them like I do some artists. I think it's because they have a good mix of upbeat and slow. And Gary Lightbody has an ahmazing voice. Everyone knows Chasing Cars but also listen to: Run, You're All I Have, Set the Fire to the Third Bar, and Chocolate. And if I ever DO get married, my future husband better propose with 'Just Say Yes' in the background. I'm just sayin'

2. Do you/did you sleep with a stuffed animal and what is it?
I used to sleep with this giant white bear I got when I was born. I don't really have any stuffed animals now (except the hippogriff I got from HP world haha) and I certainly don't sleep with them. They kinda creep me out now, actually. Must be Toy Story 3.

3. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Beauty and the Beast. Hands down. Lion King is a close second, but the music, animation, and storyline of Beauty and the Beast is just superb. She's also one of the few "princesses" that isn't completely spineless and lame.

4. What is one thing in your life you regret doing or not doing?
I regret not getting involved as much in stuff last year. I also wish I hadn't discovered Hulu. Procrastinator's nightmare.

5. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Just getting to write about whatever I want, whatever I think will inspire people. Not to say I'm inspiring, but it's a nice outlet for my thoughts.

6. What is your most embarrassing moment?
When I threw up all over my Arthur books on Arthur Day in 1st grade. I never lived it down. I was forever known as the girl who hurled all over Buster.

7. If you could change your name to something else, what would it be?
Laquisha. Because it's an awesome name, and it would also mean I was black. Which I wish I was :)

8. What is one of your greatest accomplishments in life?
Getting into BYU and it's PR program!!

I tag:
  • Lyse
  • Miranda
  • Shirley
  • BrittanyHeather
  • Mckenna

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  1. okay! I'll do it!

    Also, I have your sweater. And your folder. Haha if theres a vanguard meeting, i'll bring it there