Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 6

Woo it's been a long day. I'm gonna keep this post short because I'm exhausted. But today was so great. I saw The Social Network, which was amazing and highly interesting. (Oh Mark Zuckerburg. You're a cad but I still use your website anyway). I also went to Fork Fest, where I listened to some amazing bands and distributed The Vanguard! It was so cool seeing people scattered around, reading our paper. So legit, man. I'll put up pictures tomorrow.

Day 6 - Refrain from telling fat jokes or talking about weight in general.

This is usually never a problem for me because I abhor people who tell these types of jokes or make these types of statements. And I certainly have no room to tell them. But I do sometimes have a tendency to self-deprecate myself, like I almost did when putting on my Vanguard Tshirt today. But I didn't. Who cares what people think, really? I am beautiful. Night all.

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