Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Days 9 and 10!

Today was the final challenge of the Women's Service Center 10 Day Body Image Challenge! Yesterday was all about treating yourself - I got Thai Food, watched a chick flick while eating ice cream, and took an awesome nap. Felt wonderful, even though my anthropology paper wasn't too happy about it :)

Today was the final challenge in the Wilk - where I received this awesome t-shirt. We did an activity where we had to literally label all the negative things we used to think about ourselves and one by one removed the negative labels, showcasing the beauty underneath. The speaker also read You Are Special by Max Lucado, which really brought out the main point of the whole challenge - that everyone is beautiful, because our Maker made us the way we are supposed to be.

When we came to this earth, we were so excited to receive the bodies that Heavenly Father had specially created for us. Why is it that we always forget that, and constantly see nothing but flaws in our bodies? I may not be "beautiful" the way Us Weekly or Victoria's Secret sees beauty, but I love my body for what it is and what it can do for me. And I thank God every minute for it.

My name is Chelsey Saatkamp. I have pale skin, a freckled face, blue eyes, long blonde hair, a love for film and culture, a wicked sense of humor, a knack for seeing the best in people, and a fairly intelligent mind. So therefore,


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