Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Pompkin

So after an incredible weekend, the new week is off to a great start. On Friday, I went bowling with Kailee, Kelly, Hollie, Miranda, and my roommate Rachelle. I love bowling so much and it was SO much fun to bowl with these girls. Hollie killed us all, of course :) We then went to JDawgs (best hotdogs in the world) and back to my apartment where Kelly's boy Ben joined us for some 27 Dresses movie pleasure. We then went to a $1 Haunted House that was only about a block away. These guys literally turn their house into a haunted house and have actors and everything. It was pretty legit - I'll admit that I screamed in terror more than a few times.

On Saturday I went to Salt Lake with my Vanguard groupies to see Waiting for Superman, an AMAZING documentary about the awful educational system here in America. It's a movie EVERYONE should see - especially if you're thinking about becoming a teacher. It's so sad what the majority of the children in America have to go through to get a decent education. The movie was an excellent piece of filmmaking, as well - even though it's a documentary I was totally engrossed throughout the whole film. Here's a great review of the film, much more eloquently expressed than I could ever do:

Today I went to work (I got another 100% on a secret shopper!), went to class, sped through a test I didn't want to take, went grocery shopping for the first time this month, and carved pumpkins for FHE! The pumpkin's pretty awesome - it's an owl in the hollow of a tree, in case you couldn't tell.

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