Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 7

Tune out the media - no movies, magazines, internet surfing, etc.

Today was really hard. It's a well known fact that my life is pretty much centered around media. I'm a self-proclaimed TV, movie, and Internet addict. And I had just received my new issues of Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly today, and I didn't even get to read them. But that's probably a good thing because Us Weekly always has a story about "25 Diet Secrets to Help You Look Like Celebrity X," or something along those lines. Definitely the opposite of what this challenge is about. So today, instead of being bombarded with images of skinny, airbrushed, unrealistic looking celebrities, I took the time to do more substantial things. I read my scriptures, read a book, cleaned my room, called up some friends, got some homework done, and actually cooked a nice meal. I felt so productive today - something I don't normally feel when I spend half my day watching television.

And as promised - here are some pictures of my adventures at Fork Fest yesterday!

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