Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Like Life

Hey guys! Sorry I have A LOT to update about, but can I just say that my life is pretty awesome right now? I mean, I have a million things going on that it sometimes stresses me out how to find time for it all, but I believe that everything I'm doing is pretty fulfilling and meaningful. I know the Lord will help me find a way to balance it all.

So anyway, here's the rundown!
  • I am now 19! I basically just spent my birthday watching Conference and not much else, but it was nice to relax and enjoy some me time (and wear nothing but pajamas). I'm also throwing a party with my fellow birthday / awesome girls Kailee and Kelly this Friday. I'm really excited for it, it should be a lot of fun and I hope you all can make it!
  • I'm finally getting the hang of my job and really starting to enjoy it. I got paid to watch the Homecoming Opening Ceremony today, so that was pretty awesome. Just pick up your sports pass please!
  • Joined the Voices of Courage board, under the great leadership of President Shirley :) This campaign is all about stopping abuse, being a voice for girls who are afraid to speak up, and letting campus know that we're not gonna skirt around the important issues anymore when it comes to disrespecting anyone, whether male or female. I'm so excited about this cause, and I really think you all should check it out. Just ask me if you have any questions; we'd love more members! Click here for the link to their website. Also, you girls should really think about participating in the 10-day body image challenge the Women's Service Center is holding. It's something I think every girl should do, and something I definitely need to work on as well. Plus, you get a free T-shirt at the end.
  • Joined The Vanguard, a Provo/Orem student run newspaper about intellectual issues and local news you probably won't hear from anywhere else. The first issue should be out in two weeks. I only wrote a restaurant review for this issue (finally living my dream of being a food critic!) but you should definitely check it out because it will be full of GREAT content. My awesome friend Lyse is writing some great articles about Fork Fest and the History of the Honor Code - should be really interesting!
  • Getting more involved in PRSSA and the Bradley lab. The account I'm on is for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, and we're even trying to get a Cabinet member to be a keynote speaker for their conference in D.C. It's so exciting to work with real clients when I'm only a sophomore in college. And not even in the program yet...
  • I went iceblocking for the first time the other day! was not as scary as I thought it would be :)
  • Fall TV is back! Shows you need to watch: Community, Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office, and Glee. All I gotta say is, Thursday nights are one of my favorites :)
Things that aren't so great:
  • I got sick from the middle school girl I'm mentoring. Triniti is super sweet and I love her to death, but I don't think she should have been so proud when she exclaimed, "I've been sick for a week!"
  • I have about 4 tests coming up. fun.
  • I have no money.
I think that's about all! I just hope that I can continue to balance it all, because I really love where my life is right now.

And now, here's a video that should brighten your day. I know you've all seen it a million and a half times, but it never gets old. Enjoy

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